2006/07/19, 09:40:10, UTC

Henry J. Walmsley

Farnborough, UK

I am a bored electronics engineer. My substantially home-made analogue synth and B-format capable surround studio was working nicely around 2005 and was used to create some high camp Tijuana Brass transcriptions to help me learn the tedious and frequently counter-intuitive user interface of Cubase SX2. These tunes you can Google under the title "Turned-On Tijuana." I paid the MCPS fees to sell a few discs of this but I have to go back and review the current situation with regard to international dues and digital downloads. At least some of these have done the rounds of the Ambisonic community. With respect to royalties, I don't think the composers are in any fear of losing out. I've created my first group of original compositions which are eight longish electronic hypnotic pieces with occasional threatening content:) Three of those are very beard-strokey indeed for which I hope I'll be forgiven, as it never ceases to amaze (and frequently to annoy) me what gets on the wireless in the name of art. These eight tracks are on the CD-R named "Colossus" which has been endlessly touted around tinternet. It has pretty artwork of X-Y (Lissajous?) curves created with my oscillator driven Ambisonic Panner. At a deliberate 55 minutes long, this CD-R is ideal for student DJs into weird electronic jollies to leave on the air for a whole hour while still fitting in the SBN news and a couple of adverts for the local pizza house. Never mind putting on a longish Meatloaf track while going for a wazz, you can get four pints and a crap in while this plays. Up to this stage all live audio was recorded with my cheap soundfield mic. This design skips several quite important equalisation filters (so-called 'non-coincidence') but it works quite well regardless. I am working on another collection of 12 tunes now. The first is "Bad Wires" which uses some audio samples culled from the exceptionally good cult 1976 BBC TV kidult series "The Changes." Perhaps this is an attempt to overcome the mild childhood trauma and terror of being allowed to watch it, aged four. No, it's just because I really like it and especially Paddy Kingsland's incidental music contained therein. I have deliberately tried to avoid using samples before, but I don't think anyone will mind unless it accidentally makes some money somehow; Unlikely. If necessary it could be re-voiced by an actor friend (Alan the Actor) to avoid such issues:) Having finished "Bad Wires" and suspiciously eyeing the initially fascinating but weighty tome "Harmonic Experience" by W.A Mathieu lurking on my shelf in much need of a detailed read and practical study, I have welched on this and I thought that I would procrastinate further. To this end I contacted someone on Myspace from Canada called Nikmis who has created some great Wendy Carlos style baroque synth compositions. Nikmis was agreeable to sending me separate wav files of the latest creation to be re-assembled into a surround B-format mix and I have received most of them as of Wednesday 30th January 2008. Isn't tinternet wonderful? So I will be surround mixing them and hopefully uploading the result to Ambisonia soon. I have a Myspace profile... Http://www.myspace.com/ambitunes and various bits of technical and other fun can be found on my home website... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/henry01/index.html And you can now get the Nikmis CD-r at http://cdbaby.com/cd/nikmis