2006/07/28, 09:53:05, UTC

 South Of The Border

South Of The Border composed by Kennedy/Carr, 1970s Mexican Brass Bandwagon Record Analogue Synth Style. Details to follow, as I seem to have lost the soundstage location spiele. South Of The Border is one of the pieces on my CD-R Turned-On Tijuana which is available in the USA from http://www.electro-music.com/catalog/ or directly from myself at this address: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/henry01/ambitunes/ambitunes_records.htm
  Map    Rushmoor, England, United Kingdom

Source type: Hybrid
Ambisonic order: H (3 ch) 1st order horizontal
Recording device: custom box, Terratec 8X8
Microphone name: cheap soundfield
Array type: tetrahedral
Capsule type: Panasonic $2 WM-55A103
Calibration method: thrown together

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