2006/07/27, 11:03:39, UTC

 Droid Alert

Droid Alert: Composed and rendered by Henry J. Walmsley. This is a piece where the central droning theme is loosely based on the decommissioned US Naval submarine transmissions from the Wisconsin ELF transmitter running at around 76Hz. The drone is a plain triangle wave frequency-shift keyed at frequencies close to the original transmissions run through reverb tanks 1 and 2 and positioned at +150 and -150. The high and varying pitch hi-hat sound is controlled by joystick with the first beats of the bar full rear and the subsequent beats full front. The varying hi-hat pitch provides a theme of sorts which does not completely repeat itself. A long tailing bass drum sound is also present at a soundstage location not noted at the time, though I think this is rotating steadily. The ascii characters are announced in voice at the beginning of each 8 beat bar and further announced in full after a frame of text, with analogue frequency shifting into frequency inversion and very fast rotation around the stage, to the point of being in no specific location. Breaks in the text announcements use NUL and other non printing characters in the drone and these interludes provide a structural break from the hypnotic monotony and announce the beginning and ending of the piece. The voice was recorded using the W channel from the cheap soundfield microphone prior to processing. All sound except the voice is generated by modular analogue synth. The surround sound is horizontal-only 1st order B-format. Static soundstage positioning was done with an A&D pan-rotate with joystick and rotating positioning performed with a custom ambisonic panner. Just Intonation is one of the pieces on my CD-R Colossus which is available in the USA from http://www.electro-music.com/catalog/ or directly from myself at this address: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/henry01/ambitunes/ambitunes_records.htm

Source type: Composition
Ambisonic order: H (3 ch) 1st order horizontal

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