2006/07/30, 16:28:20, UTC

 Central Park Birds and Jet

Central Park, NY. I found a place to record near the boating lake. There would have been some more recordings in Central Park, but when I'd found the perfect location and was just about to start recording, a nice lady came to talk to me. She and her invisible friend Lou talked to me for quite a while, identifying the birds "see that big black one over there - that's a wren" and expounding on the sanity of President Bush and the superiority of the British press over the American press and how the birds would be noisier if Lou had fed them.... I got about a minute's worth of useable stuff including a jet airliner fly-over.
  Map    New York City, New York, United States of America

Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: F (4 ch) 1st order 3D
Recording device: Metric Halo MIO 2882+DSP directly to a Mac 1.5 Gig 15" PowerBook G4
Microphone name: Soundfield ST250
Array type: Tetrahedron

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