2013/07/01, 11:44:04, UTC

 The Big Rip

"The Big Rip" is an 8-channel electroacoustic piece, constructed as a metaphor to the cosmological hypothesis bearing the same name. The theory, published in 2003, suggests that a mysterious force called dark energy is constantly accelerating the expansion of the universe and will eventually rip apart all of the existing matter. I was inspired to experiment with this piece, trying to imagine how this phenomenon would sound if it were to be squeezed in just a few minutes. The purpose of the piece was to explore some of the possibilities of Third Order Ambisonics in terms of envelopment, as well as to create surreal spaces by using reverb, Doppler shifting and other decorrelation techniques. Although counter-intuitive, I experimented with panning not only mid and high frequencies but also low frequencies.

Source type: Composition
Ambisonic order: HHH (7 ch) 3rd order horizontal

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