2008/11/21, 12:42:06, UTC

 My Spirit Sang All Day - Finzi

Published in 1934, My Spirit Sang All Day takes its text from the poetry of Robert Bridges. It is widely considered to be the most popular of Finzi's Opus No. 17. This performance, by the Washington Collegium, was recorded in historic St. Mark's on Capitol Hill, on July 27, 2008. (URL for the Collegium http://www.washingtoncollegium.org/) Originally contributed to commemorate the anniversary of Finzi's passing on September 27, 1956, this repanned version more accurately reflects choral balance, particularly with the placement of the tenor to right of the stereo image and in the back row of singers. A quartet of boundary surface microphones was oriented in front of the choir. A fifth "phantom" microphone was derived from the front pair, thus allowing for the creation of a Williams Multichannel Microphone Array (MMAD). The front mics, Crown PCC-130s, are unidirectional cardioids, while the rear channels are modified Radio Shack microphones equipped with internal preamps akin to their Crown distant cousins. Each microphone resided in its own quadrant, separated by a small acoustical baffle not that dissimilar from a Jecklin disc.
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Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: H (3 ch) 1st order horizontal
Recording device: PreSonus Firebox/M-Audio DMP3 - SONY VAIO with Bidule
Microphone name: Crown PCC130s & Chinn/Mastracco Modified Radio Shack Boundary Mics
Array type: boundary microphone application of Wilson MMA
Capsule type: Panasonic Type Unidirectional Electrets
Calibration method: Bidule B-Format pan of four separate channels

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