2007/01/13, 21:25:46, UTC

 Achutaraya Tank archaelogical dig

Recorded with homebrew soundfield mic, on morning of 22.04.06 at Hampi India with a homebrew soundfield mic and a mobile recording setup. It is a 1st order ambisonic file, channel order WXYZ. The tank (a stone water storage tank, with terraced sides - common in Asian temples) at the Achutaraya temple is an archaeological dig, with work in progress. The Google Earth coordinates are within a few 10s of meters of the recording position in the photographs, facing west, which looks quite different from the old Google Earth photo
  Map    Karnataka, India

Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: F (4 ch) 1st order 3D
Recording device: MOTU Traveler, Mac Powerbook G4, Digital Performer
Microphone name: Homebrew 'soundfield'
Array type: Tetrahedron
Capsule type: Transound TSB-165A capsules
Calibration method: See Richard Lee's section for calibration tips

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