2006/07/20, 22:51:00, UTC

 touristX2 by metasense

Engaging in the sonic landscape, yet silently detached, existing on the outer. Desiring immersion in a foreign culture, yet lacking the context to comprehend it past the surface. Tourist x2 explores the sonic atmosphere of a Barcelonian summer, drawing the listener to observe the timbre and rhythms of voices, other visitors and prosaic events. Ambisonic field recordings are mixed with processed extracts and sonic events are isolated as discrete motifs, playing with space and personal memory as it unfolds to the tourists' ears. Tourist x2 employs a variety of spatial forms including the diffuse field, mono, and discrete panned sources, which together, mutually accentuate the gamut of the personal soundscape from the realistic to the impressionistic. Title: "Tourist x2" Composed by: Metasense (Somaya Langley and Nick Mariette) Duration: 9'03"

Source type: Hybrid
Ambisonic order: UHJ (2 ch)

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