2007/12/16, 08:46:33, UTC

 Want more!

First of all, thanks Etienne and all contributors for this fine body of music. It just has a very major fault: it's waaay to small. I want more excellent live recordings. I would go out today and apply my own modest sound engineering skills towards this end, but there's no way I'll squeeze a Soundfield into my current budget.

On the other hand, I'll gladly pay a fair share of money to people (composers, musicians and recording engineers alike) who help to extend this great resource of Ambisonic music recordings.

I do respect every creator's choice of copyright, but (being a free software guy myself), for me the most graceful mode of operations is this: you give your music away for free, under an open license such as the many Creative Commons flavors, but (and this is the beautiful part) I'd still be sending you money. :-D

If enough people join, you will receive a fair share, and still your music will be free for people who can't currently afford to pay much, and I'd be free to play it in public, to spread the word about Ambisonics.


All will be well. I have ordered a Core-Sound TetraMic, which hopefully will arrive by the end of January, and then I'll be out and about hunting for good recordings. Expect some local Jazz sessions and hopefully some contemporary composers who understand that being listened to is more important than maintaining the illusion that their creation might one day make them some money.