2008/08/30, 06:34:25, UTC

 Northeast Night Woodland Stream: Algonquin Provincial Park

This recording offers an example of low-level field recording with the TetraMic and Edirol R-44 recorder. The amphibians were fairly loud. I tracked their location about a half mile into the woods so that I was crouching very near. The mosquitoes and black flies were terribly abundant. I was hand holding the microphone under a tree canopy. It started to rain lightly and a few drops can be heard hitting the leaves. It wasn't very windy, so most of the noise is circuity. The Edirol R-44 sensitivity was set at -38 and the level knob was positioned at maximum to ensure gain matching across channels. This file was high pass filtered at 250HZ.
  Map    Ontario, Canada

Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: F (4 ch) 1st order 3D
Recording device: Edirol R-44
Microphone name: Core Sound TetraMic
Calibration method: VVMic

 Creative Commons, Noncommercial