2008/08/30, 08:01:49, UTC

 Grassy Plains Day Insects: Badlands National Park

This recording provides an example of low-level field recording with the TetraMic and Motu Traveler. From a deserted road I walked a mile into the sun scorched plains. Grasshoppers were jumping by the dozens as I crossed the field and came to a sandy cliff. I setup the TetraMic and the Motu Traveler with the gains set at +25 dB. The Traveler was fed into my 15" Powerbook and recorded using Sound Forge 9.0. I managed to record about 20 minutes until the Powerbook's fans kicked into high gear trying to keep cool under the South Dakota sun. The wind was moderate and blew through the low lying evergreen and deciduous trees.
  Map    South Dakota, United States of America

Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: F (4 ch) 1st order 3D
Recording device: Motu Traveler and Powerbook
Microphone name: TetraMic
Calibration method: VVMic

 Creative Commons, Noncommercial