2006/11/05, 10:50:18, UTC


Live recording of Blues musician Guy Davis, recorded with Soundfield MKV in 200 yo "Dutch" style barn at the Old Songs Festival of Traditional Music and Dance in Altamont NY. Mic was hung approx. 3 ft above and in front of performer and aimed just below his mouth. He was seated for the recording. There was a PA for the concert but at a low level. For stereo listening I recommend hypercardiods at 45 deg. Enjoy. (Will be adding samples of 2 other songs soon.)

Source type: Recording
Ambisonic order: F (4 ch) 1st order 3D
Recording device: MKV to MYTEK 8x96 ADC to TASCAM DA78HR at 24/44.1
Microphone name: Soundfield MKV
Array type: tetrahedral
Capsule type: subcardiod

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